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Open Spaces Magazine

Open Spaces Magazine

Open Spaces Quarterly Magazine -- Views From the Northwest

"When artists, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change cluster, they look for forums where they can interact and be challenged and provoked. In Cascadia, Open Spaces plays this role. It is where thoughtful people publish essays that push readers to think outside their comfort zones."

-- Denis Hayes, Foreward, Open Spaces: Voices from the Northwest


Articles to Check Out

The Purpose of Copyright by Lydia Loren

Changing Focus After Fifty by Maura O'Scannlain and Penny Harrison -- For those exploring new directions.

Two Tales from Afghanistan by James Opie

The Mother of Beauty” by John Daniel -- An essay to bring understanding and comfort to anyone who has had to deal with the death of a loved one.

The Coming Generational Storm by Steve McConnel -- What are we leaving for the next generations--even without the current economic problems?

Sleeping Together, Sleeping Apart and Normal Sleep by Robert Sack, M.D.



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Open Spaces -- Voices from the Northwest 

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