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Open Spaces is a forum for voices that speak with knowledge and insight to issues affecting people everywhere. As the name suggests, Open Spaces is dedicated to an openness of attitude, intellect and approach. In this spirit, we present thoughtful, well-researched articles on a variety of subjects from a number of different viewpoints.

by Ron Turker, M.D.
What is the reality of “Access” to healthcare?
by Kathleen Dean Moore
Almost three thousand years ago, the Greek philosopher Heraclitus acknowledged the necessity of change: You can’t step into the same river twice, he said. But why not? I want to know. Why can’t what is beautiful last forever?
by Robert Sack, M.D.
If you want an idea of how the human sleep cycle evolved, consider the sleep patterns of hunter-gatherers and traditional people.
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“When artists, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change cluster, they look for forums where they can interact and be challenged and provoked. In Cascadia, Open Spaces plays this role. It is where thoughtful people publish essays that push readers to think outside their comfort zones.”

— Denis Hayes, coordinator of the first Earth Day 
and current president of the Bullitt Foundation