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“When artists, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change cluster, they look for forums where they can interact and be challenged and provoked. In Cascadia, Open Spaces plays this role. It is where thoughtful people publish essays that push readers to think outside their comfort zones.”

— Denis Hayes, coordinator of the first Earth Day
and current president of the Bullitt Foundation

Leisure Time

Looking for a good book to read and perhaps share? Here are a few “keepers” about which we have never heard said: “I want that day back.”

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Bill Bradbury, beloved figure in the world of Oregon politics and public affairs from 1981 through 2018, died unexpectedly in April 2023. His passing set off a flood of fond remembrances from people throughout the state and beyond.
Open Spaces is pleased to present three articles about Bill based on remarks at Bradbury’s public celebration of life in October, 2023. The first, by Robert Bailey (Part 1), a longtime friend and colleague, is a recounting of Bill’s personal background, his entry into Oregon and his emergence as a public figure. The second article shares remarks made at Bill’s celebration by Dr. John Kitzhaber (Part 2), and the third is a personal tribute from Bill’s youngest daughter, Zoe Bradbury (Part 3). Together, these three pieces provide a strong sense of the man, his life and the legacy he left.

Diarmuid F. O'Scannlain

No constitutional office of the United States is bestowed by the formal approval of fewer people than federal judge. How can it be that such government officials enjoy substantial power yet effectively answer neither to the people nor to Congress? Learn about Judicial Activism.

Kim Stafford

Photo of two ducks swimming by Ben Pattinson-Unsplash

A moment of refuge in our environmental legacy as observed by Oregon’s ninth Poet Laureate.

Enjoy the poem

Climate Change
Angus Duncan

What CAN we do NOW about climate change? An Expert Speaks.

Brandi Tuck

Portland’s Path Home is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower homeless families with children to get back into housing – and stay there.

Artist Showcase
Photos by Marv Harrison and Harry Kingston

Top: River photo by Marv Harrison
Left: Bald Eagle near Chinook, WA, by Harry Kingston

To see more of Harry’s work, visit his photography showcase.

International Climate Change

For updates, visit the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) website, where one can find Summaries for Policy Makers from recent and upcoming Synthesis Reports.

Photo: Visible Earth, NASA