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“When artists, entrepreneurs, and agents of social change cluster, they look for forums where they can interact and be challenged and provoked. In Cascadia, Open Spaces plays this role. It is where thoughtful people publish essays that push readers to think outside their comfort zones.”

— Denis Hayes, coordinator of the first Earth Day
and current president of the Bullitt Foundation

by A. Leif Chaser

We share some timely musings while raking leaves…what are yours?

Your Health
Harvard Univ. Global Health Institute and Brown Univ. School of Public Health

COVID-19 cases in US by congressional district screenshot on 11.12.2020For USA information by state, county or congressional district, including COVID-19 cases, risk level and disease trends in your area, see this interactive map from Harvard University’s Global Health Institute and Brown University’s School of Public Health.

Open Spaces Editors

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During these still-challenging times, we continue to offer useful diversions for all ages including book suggestions, family recipes, and an unusual and entertaining performance of “Bolero.” Take me away…

Richard Benner

This lovely and evocative work is the result of time spent walking along the Memaloose Hills in the Columbia River Gorge, in the memorable year of 2020.

Enjoy the poem

Our World
Robert Bailey and Peter Hatch

Why are sea otters missing from the Oregon Coast? Learn about the history of otters in Oregon, how we got to this point, and about the Elakha Alliance’s restoration efforts to reestablish the ecological and cultural balance for future generations.

Open Spaces Editors

Children are discovering what it takes to survive in their world. The question is: Are the rest of us?


Artist Showcase
Harry Kingston

Sunrise over the Willamette River and Cormorant photos by Harry Kingston

To see more of Harry’s work, visit his photography showcase.

International Climate Change

For updates, visit the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) website, where one can find Summaries for Policy Makers from recent and upcoming Synthesis Reports.

Photo: Visible Earth, NASA