Newsletter — April 2024

Dear Readers,

Open Spaces is pleased to present three stories that together reveal the creative, productive, full life of Bill Bradbury. Two are written by his good friends Bob Bailey and former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber. The third is a beautiful remembrance by his daughter, Zoey. All were inspired by the life of Bill Bradbury; a beloved and admired man, who brought his energy, intelligence and good will to Oregon at a time when the young and optimistic traveled the country to a beautiful part of the world. Environmentalism was gaining momentum as a way to preserve and enhance that beauty. Land use planning was to become an effective reality. Polluted rivers inspired “clean up” efforts. Planners and doers full of energy and intelligence were busy creating parks and designating beaches as “public” for all to enjoy. Hope and good will, optimism and solid planning were in the air in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Will that inspiring, creative spirit continue? That all depends, Bob Bailey’s story might be seen to suggest, on who pilots the plane. 

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The folks at Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest

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