Newsletter — Autumn 2022

Dear Friends,

Fall is upon us, but it somehow feels different this year. The last flowers of summer continue to bloom brightly. The leaves are barely beginning to turn. The weather here in the upper left-hand corner of the country continues unusually dry and warm. A barely perceptible earthquake nearby coupled with a major hurricane hitting Florida, North and South Carolina and Cuba remind us that we are not entirely in charge, yet our choices do matter.

Several new short pieces follow:

“Our Summer Vacation : A True Story of Bugs and Boats” by J. & W. Carpenter, is a bit of amusement—at least in retrospect–on the perils and pleasure of venturing forth.

“Our America” by Evelyn Bright presents a sad yet hopeful moment of sanity in a time that seems badly in need of such moments.

“Golden Boy” by Vera Tass is drawn from life; we see her/him everywhere.

Special thanks to Harry Kingston for his strikingly beautiful Alaskan photographs shown on the home page.

A Leader Should Be…?

We asked our readers to send us one quality that they would most like to see in an elected official and they responded with the following characteristics. As you can see, we have quite a creative group of readers, but a theme has emerged. Size of print reflects number of times a quality was mentioned. If you would like to submit another possibility, please feel free to do so. We may include them later.

Given current world events, the coming of winter (and the memories many have during this season of “Trick or Treating for UNICEF”), thoughts turn to those in need. For those who may be interested, one logical place to start is

All the best to you and yours,

The folks at Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest

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