Newsletter — Summer 2021

Dear Friends,

Open Spaces is pleased to publish an important article by Robert Bailey and Peter Hatch of the Elakha Alliance entitled: “Returning Sea Otters to Oregon: Repairing a Torn Fabric.” The article reveals the interplay of history and science by telling a story of both the cultural and the ecological significance of the Pacific sea otter, once a keystone species on the Oregon coast, its disappearance with the resultant loss of kelp forest habitat, the significant work toward the sea otters’ return and the consequent return of ecological balance in the waters of the Oregon Coast. Photo: Arthur Morris/Getty Images

Also featured in our Summer issue, is a beautifully descriptive and moving poem entitled: “Godscape of Clouds” by Richard Benner, inspired by walks along the Memaloose Hills in the Columbia River Gorge, in the memorable year of 2020.

Please note that photographer Harry Kingston has added to his portfolio a wonderful new collection, including “Golden Sunset,” pictured at left.

And in recognition of the magnitude of the current challenges that we all face and the decisions we all must make,  a reminder to our readers of a published essay entitled “Who Do You Trust?” Also, for the days ahead, here is a link to some tips from the Mayo Clinic on staying hydrated and healthy during extreme heat.

Thought for the day: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”
–Aldous Huxley, Complete Essays, Vol. 11: 1926-1929

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