Newsletter — Winter 2023

Dear Friends,

It is still winter and the rain keeps falling here in the upper left hand corner, while in the mountains the steady drizzle has once again magically morphed into a field of sparkling snow where the rosy cheeked glide along on skis and sleds or clomp along on snowshoes, or challenge gravity with the reckless abandon of snowboarding, all secure in the knowledge that there will be enough water for the coming year.  It is magical. With thought and hard work, we can occasionally maintain such symbiosis, especially when creative people work together for the greater good.

An inspiring example is Richard Benner’s essay “Fingerprints on the Landscape,” the story of the Oregon Land Use Program. Together with the beautifully poignant poem, “Puddle Jumper” by Kim Stafford, we are reminded of what is possible and necessary when we look to the best that is in us.

Special thanks to Harry Kingston for his beautiful, thought provoking photography shown both on the Open Spaces homepage and in his portfolio.

All the best to you and yours,

The folks at Open Spaces: Views from the Northwest

Photo: Kira B. Chan

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